Confederate remembrance… realistic and honest

February 4, 2009

This micro-blog will serve as a study area for the history of Page County’s Confederate soldiers. I will present information about their service (whether willful or reluctant), their memories of the war, the way that the veterans looked upon each other, and the way that we look back at them. It is my idea of Confederate remembrance… remembering AND understanding realistically, honestly… and more importantly, “responsibly.” I look forward to the site serving as a source of education and understanding.

I’ll be posting here from time to time. It may be weekly or more often.



5 Responses to “Confederate remembrance… realistic and honest”

  1. Robert Knight Says:

    Greetings, I had many ancestors that were part of Co.H 33rd Va. Inf. Jacob E. Knight, Joel Knight Died at Pt. Lookout POW, Andrew J. Knight, William Knight. Also Timothy Knight was with the New Market Artillery and Danville Artillery. William T. Knight was with Co. D 7th Va. Cav. Massanutten Rangers. John Knight with Dixie Artillery wounded at Rapiden Station 8/23/1862, John Knight Jr. 97th Va. Militia/Co. K 10th Va. Inf. Robert Knight of the Maj. Gen. Isaac Ridgeway Trimble Camp # 1836 Sons Of Confederate Veterans Maryland Division

  2. I’ll start writing my book once I arrive in Luray, Va in June 2009… I am interested in knowing if there is any interest in unity of both the old union and the old confederate in today’s time for the sake of all people… perhaps, taking the chance, our first steps, in Luray, Va. for the world to see.

    • cenantua Says:

      Hi Venita! I think there is a variety of opinion on that, ranging from indifference for history to extreme passion. The largest problem that I have encountered is the standard belief that if one is from Virginia, their ancestors must have been pro-Confederate. That’s the most difficult piece to get by. I’ve encountered some folks who thought their ancestors were Confederate when they were actually Unionists.

  3. WOW! I know for a fact that several of my folks (the chappelear’s) where Confederate soldiers and my ggggrandfather by the name of Elias Chappeler was Unionists and disowned (Maryland to Virginia. I look forward to meeting you very soon. There was a lot going on in Virginia’s Unionists and Confederate’s. Virginia was the main hot spot. We are the Chappelear/Lawson’s of Luray, Virginia (with deep history) lol

  4. Richard Fox Says:

    I have had a remarkable historic encounter with David Kibler, Bethany Veney’s “owner.” He is my third great-grandfather. In 1873, after his death, his son represented him as a “unionist” before the Southern Claims Commission. Since David had three sons who were Confederate Soldiers, the commission rejected the family’s claim for $1374 in compensation for losses due to the union armies in Page County.

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